22 Days of Kindness is a community initiative that turned into a global phenomenon with thousands of people taking part. Business owner Natalie Peace paid her Booster Juice crew in Kamloops, B.C. to  do ‘Acts of Kindness’ shifts, doing whatever they could to make the day a little brighter for someone else. From handing out flowers to washing windows, her staff took on the project with enthusiasm and got the local community involved, with customers signing their names on paper hands around the store, pledging to commit one random act of kindness every day, for 22 days.

Since then, people from all over the world have signed on and made the commitment. No act of kindness is too big or too small, and there’s no better time to start than right now. We know you do kind and generous things all the time without thinking about it–but we know it’s a lot of fun to make a commitment to do it everyday, and see how creative you can be. When you tune your awareness into the kindness frequency, you’ll see amazing opportunities everywhere to go the extra mile. The best part? It feels so good! Join us today.



Natalie Peace is the owner of the busiest Booster Juice franchise in B.C., at the Summit location in Kamloops. She is an award-winning entrepreneur with the desire to make a difference for her staff, her community, and the world, which is why she started the 22 Days of Kindness campaign. She is currently writing a book for young entrepreneurs and working on a TV series called ‘The New Entrepreneur‘ as part of  the Race to a Million contest which is raising money for charity. Her new website nataliepeace.com is where she will be sharing all of her tips, tools, ideas and stories about business success.