How to Get Started


Welcome message from Natalie – an introduction to the 22 Days of Kindness Challenge

There are countless ways to be kind to our friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, community and beyond. Yet when we deliberately set out to commit an act of kindness everyday, it can feel daunting. Where to begin? What counts as ‘kindness’? You might feel self-conscious at first, and you might feel uncertain whether or not what you’re doing is meaningful enough. FYI: it definitely is! Even the smallest act of kindness can really brighten someone’s day.

Trust in your intentions of kindness and¬†generosity, and let spontaneous inspiration strike. If you need a few hints, here are some examples of what we’ve done, and stories other people have sent us. Visit us on Facebook, keep checking our home page to see more stories as they come in, and have fun!


Our Acts of Kindness – See what the Kamloops, BC crew at Booster Juice has been doing to spread kindness around the community

Acts of Kindness for Our Earth – a few ideas we can all use to help the planet

Free service in exchange for food bank donations – one business sets an example for us all

Lifting spirits at the hospital – one woman helps her sister’s friend with an unexpected gift

Kindness at the cash register – loaning money to a stranger

Picking up garbage and much more – one man finds how small actions can make a big impact

Paying for a stranger’s coffee – “Did the guys at Booster Juice make you think of doing that?”

On recognizing kind acts from others – and being inspired to pay it forward

Handing out flowers to strangers – the power of giving an unexpected gift

What acts of kindness can kids do? The possibilities are endless!

Surprise phone calls, food for the homeless, and more – how one woman keeps on giving

Buying a stranger’s bus ticket – a reminder to see the humanity in everyone

Handwritten notes – old-fashioned kindness in a digital world

Coffee for the ‘paper girl’ – remembering those who serve us every day

A team shirt makes all the difference – giving the gift of belonging to a team

Inviting others to join in the fun – a local church sets an example

The importance of non-attachment – giving without expecting anything in return

Acts of Kindness at Work – what can you do to perk up your co-workers today?

Acts of Kindness in the Community – helping out neighbours and strangers

Kindness in the campground, in the parking lot, and on the road – simple courtesy and generosity go a long way

The payoff of being kind to your staff – a Booster Juice manager shares her story

Kindness knows no boundaries - a Booster Juice manager reflects on how 22 Days of Kindness has changed her worldview

An open-minded approach to business – helping a father and daughter enjoy healthy, happy time together