Acts of Kindness Shifts – Erin Shares Her Story

This summer I learned the full magnitude a simple act of kindness can have.  I work at the busiest Booster Juice location in British Columbia, serving fruit smoothies and other healthy snacks. Our particular businesses goal is to achieve success on more than just one bottom line. One of the ways we like to measure success is how much we can contribute to the community around us.

When the owner of the store, Natalie Peace, offered to pay an extra person above and beyond what the store would typically require to operate, with that extra persons shift dedicated to doing kind things for others, I was ecstatic and excited to see what would unfold. This was the perfect way to encourage our young staff to develop valuable interpersonal skills as well as spread kindness through our community.  What happened over the summer is so beautiful, it is hard to put into words.  

In the beginning, the crew seemed intimidated with approaching the public to offer kind deeds.  With a little encouragement, staff began leaving the comfort zone of our store and venturing out to offer tokens of gratitude to the outside world.  Typically, all it took was one positive response and the person doing the kind deeds became an abundant source of creativity and positive energy.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the Acts of Kindness, people it affected, and positive feelings became larger and all encompassing.  As our community began to notice and become excited about the notion of spreading kindness, we challenged them to pay it forward.  

Paying it forward is meant to spread the reach of a kind hand even further.  If a community member is on the receiving end of an intentional act of kindness, their job is to not let it end with them but instead pass it on.  The cycle produced beautiful inspiring stories of people spreading kindness and kindness spreading through people.  Our crew was able to witness the beauty of giving and the cycle came full circle and the crew was on the receiving end of some Acts of Kindness.  As a team, we learned, grew and became stronger through the united front of giving.  

Through this program I witnessed that giving not only benefits the receiver, but also the person delivering.  For the crew who participated in Act of Kindness Shift, as well as myself, to form a habit of being kind has had an impact on the future that can’t even be measured.  We have a lifetime of being kind ahead of us.  Who knows how far this can go or how many lives we can affect.  Anyone, anywhere can do one kind thing for someone else each day and it brings a sense of contribution to something larger.  

Kindness is universal and knows no boundaries. I was lucky to learn the value of kindness this summer.

Erin Speller

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  1. Sarah
    October 13, 2010 | 9:59 pm

    What an inspiring story

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