A Novel Idea Meets an Open Mind

I love to tell this story.  It fills me with joy to think of the way a random shot in the dark turned into such a wonderful experience for my daughter and I.  I’m writing this for my friend Natalie.  A kind soul who lives what she believes.

In the spring of 2007 my daughter and I rolled into Booster Juice after a nice mellow 5km run.  At the time I was pushing Abby in a beat down old Chariot.  For those connoisseurs of fine self-propelled child transport interested in such items, allow me to elaborate on some of the missing features of this particular model.  Shade screen, no check… Ventilation system, no check… suspension system, no check… water proof covering, no check… fussy, whiny child, double check.  Anyone who has ever been foolish enough to attempt to get in a genuine workout with their child riding in some sort of contraption knows that child happiness is of the utmost importance when embarking on even the shortest of outings.  Without said features it goes without saying that almost every outing with Abby and the old chariot was doomed to frustration and failure.  I don’t understand why yelling, “Stop whining!” never really worked while the sun was beating down in Abby’s face or the road got rough or she got bored or hungry or thirsty or hot or cold or etc. etc. etc. but it was obvious I was going to have to do some creative problem solving if my little angel and I were going to survive another happy, fun-filled run of happy-healthy-fun-happiness without someone being thrown into traffic.  You get the idea, I was getting close to giving up hope for enjoyable father/daughter exercise outings.

As I sat in Booster Juice pondering my predicament a completely random thought crossed my mind.  That thought was this… “I bet if I advertised on the back of this pain-in-the-butt chariot and smiled enough the owner of Booster Juice would give me free food and smoothies!”. I realize it doesn’t sound all that noble and even a bit selfish but I thought what the heck.  I was tired and frustrated, didn’t have anything to lose and you never really know about these things until you ask.  So I set up an appointment with Natalie and tossed out the idea fully expecting to get an awkward smile and a polite turn-down.  To my surprise and delight I did not get turned down and Natalie’s decision to run with my idea turned into a two year casual sponsorship that both boosted my running spirits and became a wonderful experience for my daughter and I.  Now the chariot would be adorned with a sign that reads “FUELED BY BOOSTER JUICE”. Natalie’s yes inspired me to get a little more serious about my commitment to running with my daughter.  I upgraded my old chariot to a newer model with all those to-die-for comfort features.  My daughter started having so much fun on our runs and bike rides she would actually ask me to take her out.  And here is the best part.  For two years the end of each run brought us to Booster Juice where Natalie’s staff would greet my daughter and I, take Abby behind the counter to help make our meal and smoothies and basically make us feel like everyday rock stars.  In the end I have no idea how much advertising value I generated for Natalie but I can tell you this, you can’t put a price tag on the value of the time I spent with Abby chilling at Booster Juice feeling relaxed and happy after a good outing.  So thank you Natalie and staff for providing such a wonderful experience for my daughter and I.  May the kindness you poured into Abby and I’s lives come flooding back ten fold!

Sincerely, Jeremy and Abigail Biffert

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