Stay Strong and Carry On.


Kindness is contagious. It spreads fast, and wherever it goes it leaves happiness.  It is not the specific kind act that needs to be emphasized but the actual act of being kind.  The purpose is to be kind for kindness sake.  When our deeds are done with the sole motivation of  being kind, it leads to a greater sense of inner fulfillment and it becomes easier to recognize and take opportunities to be kind, no matter what the outcome is.  Sometimes our kind act isn’t received the way we expect it to be but that doesn’t mean it isn’t  important. So instead of attaching a feeling of success to how big of an impact we make on the outside world, measure your success on how you feel when you are right in the middle of doing something kind.  What really counts is the impact we have on the world inside of us.  When your inner world is at peace and you feel true harmony, that is when world outside you flourishes the most.  It really is amazing because the goodness you feel inside spreads, and this is when you begin positively changing the environment and people around you. We only have control over our own actions and thoughts so that is where we will find the best inspiration and motivation to stay strong and carry on in choosing kindness every opportunity we get.



One Response to Stay Strong and Carry On.
  1. Natalie Peace
    July 18, 2011 | 8:11 pm

    Such an important lesson from within our hearts…
    Thank you. xo

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