The Kindness Continues….

Spring soon will be sprung along with new kindness initiatives and ways to make our world a better place.  But that’s not to say you haven’t been busy over the winter months! Here are some stories we’ve accumulated that will hopefully help inspire you:

  • Someone came into my workplace and asked if anyone owned the Silver Pontiac that was outside.  It turned out someone had left a bouquet of flowers on my hood!
  • A girl at the bus stop needed money for the bus, so I helped her out and gave her the fare she needed.
  • I drove a co-worker home even though it was not on my way at all. I didn’t want her to freeze at the bus stop.
  • One morning, at the pay parking machine, a girl didn’t have enough change to pay for her ticket. I gave her the pass I had just purchased and bought a new one for myself.
  • Once, on my way to Vancouver we were going through the toll booth and when we pulled up to the ticket window, the people in the car in front of us had already paid our fare.  We continued that kind deed by paying for the people behind us.
  • I made a sign about happy things and people honked at me and smiled. I made their day.
  • I have been donating money to an animal rescue every month. It’s a very rewarding feeling.
  • My grandmother was in very ill health and my roommate could tell I was distraught and dealing with some stress.  The day my dear grandmother passed away I went home to be alone and grieve but waiting in front of my door was a beautiful floral plant and lovely card.  My roommate didn’t know my grandma had passed away that day; she was just trying to cheer me up.  It was an extremely kind-hearted thing to do and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

If you have an inspirational story to share, please send it to us… who knows how far the ripple effect of your kindness can reach!

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