Paying it Forward, Creatively in Business

Thank you, Carrie for sharing this note!

With love and gratitude,

Natalie. xo

As a Booster Juice employee who took the 22 day challenge, I find myself doing something small everyday
to make a difference even long after the 22 days have past. I also find myself very aware of those who are doing the same. I find it extremely rewarding
when I see a business taking on the challenge and paying forward because being part of the Acts of Kindness at
Booster Juice allowed me to see how a business can make a difference in someone’s day!

This past week, I found a business doing just that!

I needed to take my dog to get his nails trimmed and I have always done this at his Vet Clinic, The Columbia Summit Veterinary Hospital.
When I called to make the appointment, they told me that if I bring in a non-perishable food item or a new unwrapped toy, the service would
be free! My first reaction was “Really?” because, lets be honest, you do not get a free vet visit very often, if ever. Its just part of owning a pet…
you visit the vet, you pay!

But this was for real.They were offering free nail trimming along with two other basic services all ranging in price $20 – $30, for free! I put my bag
of groceries in the box that was overflowing with toys and other food items and thanked the staff for their Act of Kindness! They in turn thanked
me for my generosity to the Food Bank. There was a moment where we all just smiled and stood silently. We knew we had all made a difference in each others day.

What felt even better was knowing that difference, that Act of Kindness on their part and mine, would have a tremendous trickle down effect.
It’s not about being given credit, or putting your name to the Act…its about the feeling you get knowing you’ve made a difference, no matter how big or small!

It just takes some creativity and a small time commitment, but anyone, any business, can get creative and pay it forward!


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