“One small thing to brighten someone else’s day”

Thank you to these two kind and thoughtful sisters, Jaime Welch and Brianna Swayze who went out of their way to make the world a brighter place for a friend.
With love and gratitude,
Natalie. xo
Hi Natalie,
I just want to thank you again for your generous gift of Booster Juices.  It allowed me to put a smile on someone’s face that really needed it.
My sister had told me of one of her friends that had suffered a terrible health problem and was in the hospital indefinitely.  We had grown-up in the same small town so I knew her family and had even coached her in soccer some 15 years ago.  And now I was only able to reconnect with her via a Facebook page that was set up for her so that friends and family could send her well-wishes.  It was in one of these posts that I read that she did not have much of an appetite but she did enjoy the Booster Juices that were brought to her.
This made me remember about my many visits to the Summit Booster Juice location and hearing about their “Acts of Kindness Program”.  I thought about how nice it would be to give this young woman the gift of Booster Juice.  After all, I remember what hospital food tastes like and how happy I was when my sister treated me with a Mango Hurricane Booster Juice after giving birth to my kids!
So I put in a call to Natalie and asked if she could help out by donating some Booster Juice vouchers.  Natalie was extremely generous and I placed the vouchers in a card and gave them to my sister to deliver to this young woman (visitors are to be kept to a minimum so I felt since she was closer to her, she should go).
I am happy to report that this brave and strong young woman is recovering remarkably and we hope that over time she will return to the vibrant person she was.
Thank you to Natalie Peace and the Booster Juice Team for helping me follow through with an Act of Kindness!
Jaime Welch
And here is a note from my sister:
As we all know, days spent in the hospital can be boring, dreary and tasteless. Three weeks before her 23rd birthday, my friend and coworker found herself stuck at RIH for an unknown amount of time. Her condition limited visitors, making this experience as dull as the hospital food. She is a strong and independent woman and asked for very little from her family and friends.
Inspired by Natalie Peace’s campaign for kindness, Jaime decided to give my friend the gift of Booster Juice. On Friday, a handmade card and Booster Juice gift certificates were delivered to her. Her smile truly lit up the dark room as this gift was unexpected and thoughtful. She let us know that Mango Hurricane is her favourite flavour and thanked Jaime and Natalie for this act of kindness.
It warms my heart to see such a wonderful exchange. Both my sister and my friend have filled my life with many acts of kindness and this story inspires me to keep the message going. Even if it is one small thing to brighten someone else’s day, that one small thing may mean the world to that person.
Brianna Swayze
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  1. Yanni
    December 4, 2010 | 5:02 pm

    Another wonderful example that it only takes a thought and a connection to make a difference.

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