“Keep On With Faith.”

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Funny how situations can sneak up on you…
I was in Canadian Tire picking up jumper cables when an opportunity presented itself.

As I was about to get in line at the checkout I saw a couple with a cart full of stuff two steps ahead of me.  I thought to myself “I’m not in a rush”. They saw that I only had a few items to purchase and asked me if I wanted to go ahead of them. I declined; after all I knew I had no time constraints. But they insisted, so I accepted and thanked them, thinking….. Why when someone offers to do something kind for us is our immediate reaction to say no? Is it fear of “owing” something in return?

Anyway, they let me go ahead of them and I see there’s a man at the till in front of me, doing one of those “I forgot my wallet” self pat downs.

After a moment he stops and tells the cashier he’ll have to come back. As he steps away, looking a bit dejected, he stops and turns back and our eyes meet.  I said “what do you need?” thinking I could cover the few cents or perhaps one dollar he was short.

He says “Forty bucks…”

“I’ve got forty bucks” I responded.  He looked at me as if I was joking. So I continued “it’s no problem” so he inquired as to how he would get a hold of me to repay me when he had his wallet. I told him he could drop off the money there at the store next time he was back. He thought about it but insisted he would get it to my house and asked for my phone number and address. I paid for his order; he thanked me profusely and sincerely, and then left.
The cashier was a bit surprised, she said “if he doesn’t pay you back, come back and I’LL buy YOU something”.  I laughed and told her I had no doubt he would repay me.

As I left I was thinking about it, feeling really good, wondering why I was so sure I would get my money back. And then it hit me, I didn’t care if I got repaid. I was so happy that I was able to help another person, not being repaid wouldn’t have bothered me in the least! I started to smile as I realized I didn’t even ask the man his name! What mattered was the act, and how it made ME feel, not the payback from him.

That being said, he called me that night, still full of thanks, telling me it was his grandmothers 90th birthday and how he couldn’t wait to tell her about what I had done. “She loves stuff like this,” he said. “It’s going to make her very happy on her birthday”.

I got the impression he lived out of town, and so I assured him that I wasn’t worried about the timeline.  But he told me he would do his best to repay me within the next few days.

The very next day I came home to find an envelope in my mailbox with a note on it that simply said:

“Many Thanks. I love the trust factor. Keep on with faith.”

I think he meant “keep believing in the good in people”.  And thanks to my experience with him, I definitely will.
So, in the end, I got to help a stranger, feel good about myself, was thanked amply, AND got the money back! I didn’t have to give back the amazing feeling that comes from a sense of contribution. That feeling is mine to keep.
The next time someone offers me a hand, I won’t look for the strings. I’ll smile, be courteous, and remember, “Tis better to give than to receive….”

I’ll give them the opportunity to feel what I felt.


Keeping On With Faith.

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