Day 22 – This is just the beginning!

It’s been 22 days since the official kick-off to the Acts of Kindness Challenge, and this is just the beginning! Thank you to everyone who is continuing to participate, as well as to those who are just now signing up for the challenge.
The project is blossoming into something truly beautiful. I will continue to post each week, and would be honored if you continue to send me your kindness stories, share your comments, and your thoughts. If you know of others who would enjoy taking the 22 day act of kindness challenge, I would love your support in getting the message out there. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing the link to this website on your Facebook page. Imagine what our world would look like if even more people adopted the kindness habit. Truly beautiful.

With each small act, we are affecting change in our communities. The change starts within each of us individually, in the small choices we make and how we choose to handle ourselves when opportunities present themselves.
One of the realizations I’ve had over these past 22 days is how many opportunities really do exist for us to make a contribution.
Just today I heard a story about an act of kindness while standing in line at a store check-out. An elderly lady was paying for her items with cash, and was hopelessly searching her purse for the last twenty-one cents she was short to pay the bill. She began to get anxious because she knew she was holding up others who were waiting in line.
The kind individual behind her handed her the twenty-one cents along with a smile. The elderly lady was completely shocked and grateful. She asked the kind person how she could repay her. The young store clerk interjected: “Just Pay it Forward!”

These small things are just that, they are small. In this case it was mere pennies. But it’s those “small things”, simple gestures, words, and moments that make up our lives. All these seconds add up to a life lived. And the ultimate question is “Who am I along the way?”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

With love and gratitude,
Natalie. xo

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  1. Thinking outloud
    October 18, 2010 | 1:28 pm

    And as we act progressively seeking opportunities in which we better, rather than detract, those around us, don’t forget to recognise & acknowledge when kindness is done to you.

    Yes, you!

    Did someone stop and let you merge safely on a busy street, or idle patiently for you to cross an intersection?
    Were you let ahead in a grocery line because you had a basket of 5 items versus a family-sized cart?
    Did someone at a store, business, or call-support completely understand your question/problem and resolve it quickly?
    Did you get flowers because of something you did, but didn’t think it was that important? Someone did!
    Did a friend thank you for listening to their problems, even you thought it was just sharing coffee?
    Did someone say to you, “Don’t worry about anything. It’s all under control.” ?
    Did a smile from a baby, casual person on the street, or special someone make your day? (did you smile back?)

    …did you feel a moral obligation to pay-it-forward when any of those happened?

    Well, it’s not the law, but it’s a pretty good idea. :)

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