Day 21 – A letter from Ryley

I was deeply honoured when this letter arrived in my inbox.  It is from Ryley, one of my crew members.  When I read her letter, I couldn’t help but smile.

You see, Ryley applied for a position when I was opening my first store, the Summit Booster Juice, four and a half years ago.  I interviewed her, and it went well.  She didn’t have prior experience but her attitude and personality were impressive. I only had 15 spots available for our opening team, and I interviewed over 50 candidates.  The decision was difficult but I ended up choosing candidates who had previous work experience. 

One year later, I was hiring another opening crew for the new Lansdowne store.  I had 15 available positions, and had basically filled them all.  Over the past few days I held over 65 interviews!  Because the new store was in the “build-out” phase, I met candidates at a coffee shop.  And although I was tremendously excited about opening my second business, after 65 interviews I was also completely exhausted. 

With only two appointments remaining, my final day of interviewing was drawing to a close.  My next appointment didn’t show up for our meeting and since I had already interviewed more than 15 excellent candidates, I was considering calling to cancel my final appointment and call it a day.  But something told me not to.  So I waited for the final interview.

The last appointment was Ryley.  As soon as she sat down across the table from me I recognized her from the year before!  “You are applying again?  You must really want to work at Booster Juice”, I remember saying.  “Yes.  I really do”, she replied.   And I believed her.  She was clear on what she wanted, and was obviously persistent, which are both excellent qualities.  Besides, there was something special about her. I hired her on the spot.  Lansdowne opened with 16 new hires ;)

Now, three years later, Ryley has earned a promotion to Manager of the Aberdeen Mall Booster Juice, and is doing an incredible job.

As I read her letter, I smiled because I realize that she was suppose to work with me.  After all, nothing in life happens out of turn.

With love and gratitude,


My name is Ryley and I have been a Booster Juice employee for 3 years now!   Throughout my time working with Natalie Peace at Booster Juice, I have learnt so much more than just how to blend a smoothie; I have learnt how to interact with others, be a leader and the importance of the small decisions we make every day.

An example of one of these lessons are the random acts of kindness shifts that Natalie has instigated into our work schedule. The purpose of these shifts is to use our time to do good deeds around our community.  During one of my acts of kindness shifts, I had the amazing opportunity to hand out flowers that had been donated to us for this shift from Awesome Blossom Florist.

I thought this was particularly special and wanted to find a way to make the most of it so, out I ventured into the parking lot and placed flowers under the windshield wipers of random cars. To me, this felt so important because with every flower, I thought of the stranger that would receive it.  I thought of these strangers’ different situations and lives, and all the ways that it could make a difference, brightening their day. 

What stood out to me was the concept of being selfless with an act.  For I will never know the response the flowers got, but what I imagine is amazing and powerful. The fact that these unsuspecting people didn’t know who had placed the flower there also gave them the opportunity to make of it what they wish, perhaps make them smile, and hopefully inspire them without the pressure of having another person waiting on a certain reaction.

I also considered the difference it would have made in my day if someone had done this for me; I truly feel that if I were to have a terrible day, a small act like this could really turn things around.

What I experienced that afternoon made a difference in my heart and inspires me to make the effort everyday to be selfless and random for others in the best way.  Because unless we try, we’ll never know the significant mark we have the ability to make on the lives of those around us and the power it may hold to enrich our own lives.

One Response to Day 21 – A letter from Ryley
  1. Yanni
    October 16, 2010 | 11:28 am

    Simply, amazing.

    The world around us is chaotic, unpredictable, and sometimes senseless. Sp how we interact with it, whether large, small, or somewhere in between, the best approach is to introduce some order, understanding, and meaning.

    Ryley, you seem well on your way to being awesome in this regard, if not there already. And Natalie, the universe seemed to keep pushing for order until you brought in and opened a door for Ryley.

    I look forward to finding a flower on my windshield someday, in place of a pizza flyer or parking ticket.

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