Day 18 – Highlights of kindness

I received a note in my email inbox today, and it made me smile.  Below are some of the highlights from what one amazing person who has taken the “kindness challenge” has done over the past few weeks…

I’d love to hear more stories about how you have been doing with the challenge, even if it’s just a quick list.

Hearing from you keeps the wind in my sails and helps to remind me that we are all in this together.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who are breathing life into this project.

You inspire me.

With love and gratitude,

Natalie. xo

Highlights of Kindness:

I called my previous boss and said thank you for his inspiration and belief in me and that I appreciated his support and guidance in my career achievements.  He was very thankful and emotional for the call.  

I bought a turkey sandwich, Gatorade and a pumpkin face cookie for a homeless person outside the dollar store on Thanksgiving and wished him a wonderful safe Thanksgiving.  He responded “thank you for making this day beautiful,” with a wonderful smile.

I was in Vancouver and out for dinner and cut my meal in half and put it to the side of my plate and did not touch it.. I had the waitress wrap it up with a cutlery and napkins and I gave it to a homeless person on the street. I wanted someone else that evening to enjoy a wonderful meal.

I had a meeting downtown Kamloops on Victoria street and when I went to my car to leave I put more money in the meter for the next person.

I had a coupon for Ricki’s clothing 40% off reg priced merchandise that was only good for this past Saturday.. The item I wanted was on sale and would have only saved me an extra $2.00 I was going put it towards an accessory and decided to give it to another person that was going to buy something.

I was in the Vancouver airport and a lady in a wheelchair looked like she was very ill but had a wonderful smile on her face. I boarded the plane and she was in the front row as being seated first.  As I was waiting to get to my seat we made eye contact and she smiled at me and said “I really like your necklace”.  I said thank you and moved to the back of the plane. When we landed she stayed in her seat because she needed assistance.  I walked toward the front of the plane and when I got to her seat I put the necklace around her neck and said ”it would look much better on her”‘ and gave her a hug.

Continuing to “pay it forward” daily,


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