Day 12 – Part of the Team

When I read the following story, I felt like it was one I needed to share with you immediately. The reason is that this simple story serves as a beautiful reminder of a need each and every human being has inside. We all want to know we belong. We would like to be included. We all hope to be invited.

And the opportunity we all share on this journey, is that we are capable of helping others feel like they belong when they are around us.

With love and gratitude,
Natalie. xo

Part of the Team

In the middle of my time at high school I developed an interest in basketball. Not being skilled or athletic, I was cut after try-outs every year.
I yearned to wear one of the long-sleeved team shirts that if you were skilled enough to earn meant a sense of community that comes with being “part of the team”, specifically the basketball team.

I volunteered to be the team manager which involved tasks like documenting stats, organizing uniforms, and other miscellaneous jobs. At the high school level a manager isn’t required, and I struggled to feel useful and find ways to contribute.

Even though my knowledge about basketball was significantly less than that of the rest of the team, I loved learning about the game and I jumped at the opportunity to go along with the them to any weekend tournaments. I did my best to learn the game tactics and strategies, even if I knew I would never help execute them.

One day near the end of our season, the coaches surprised me with a gift. It was a long-sleeved team shirt that matched the ones the rest of the team wore!
Up until that point I had felt a little bit like a superfluous addition to the team but having a matching team shirt made me feel valued and like I belonged.

I still wear that shirt proudly and won’t ever forget the impact a simple Act of Kindness can have.

The Team Manager ;)

One Response to Day 12 – Part of the Team
  1. Second Look
    October 7, 2010 | 6:15 pm

    The first time i read this post i thought. “this is just sad” but after reading the story again and your preface, i saw it a different light. How such a simple gesture that may not mean a lot to one person, means the world to someone else and how our own bias or state of mind can impact our paradigms. Thank you for your contribution to the “positivity revolution”;)

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