Day 6 – Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

  • Make a commitment not to complain for one full day.
  • Take flowers to work and share them with co-workers.
  • Write a hand-written note expressing what you admire or appreciate about working with that person and leave it at your co-workers’ desk for them to find when they return from lunch.
  • Express to the boss of someone who has helped you, what a wonderful employee they have.
  • Leave enough money in the vending machine for the next person to get a free treat.
  • Let a co-worker use your reserved parking spot while you are away.
  • Offer to do a “treat run”, and treat your co-workers to coffee or muffins.
  • Have a food drive, ask employees to bring nonperishable food items to donate to our food bank.  Challenge your customers to participate in the food-drive and have a box for collection at your place of business.
  • Put a piece of candy, a cookie, a flower, or a piece of fruit, at every desk before others arrive at work.
  • Bring in home-baked goodies along with a “thank you” note to share with co-workers in the lunch room.
  • Keep a sweets dish on your desk and encourage others to help-themselves.
  • Appreciate a co-worker by giving them recognition for a job well-done at the next meeting.
  • Gather a group of your colleagues and treat them to lunch.
  • Email an article, a website, or great quotes to brighten your co-workers’ day.
  • Share your favorite book with your manager or co-workers.
  • Bring your favorite books or magazines to work with post-it notes on the cover, sharing that you hope others enjoy them as much as you did, and leave them in the lunch room.
  • Print off an inspiring story and put it on your work bulletin board.
  • Hold the elevator door for others.  Offer to push their floor.
  • Buy a cup of coffee or snack for someone who is having a long or challenging day.
  • Post an inspirational quote or joke in a place that your customers will see.
  • Bring flowers to your receptionist to say thank you for their contribution to the company.
  • Bring flowers for the cleaning staff and leave them in a place they will find them, along with a thank you note for keeping the business sparkling.


Have fun giving!  And remember these acts are not for recognition, so don’t be attached to the outcome.

With love and gratitude,

Natalie. xo

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