Day 3 – The Act of Kindness stories are starting to pour in!

Wow!  Checking my email inbox has never been more wonderful.  I’m hearing from people all over the world!   Some of the stories you are sending me are longer with more detail, and others are simple suggestions of what are achievable Acts of Kindness to incorporate into a busy work-day.  Thank you for sharing them.  And please keep them coming.  It’s so special to hear the “ripple effect” of how far this challenge is reaching.

Below are some of the stories, suggestions and ideas that are starting to pour in about Acts of Kindness.  I look forward to hearing even more.

Thank you for your contributions!

With love and gratitude,

Natalie. xo

Being on the “receiving end” of Acts of Kindness :

Hi Natalie,

Wow, we heard about what you are doing in Kamloops! Well done & wishing you well as this great initiative unfolds, in so many future wonderful ways.  I hope the following will show you an example of what I mean.

I want to share with you & your staff & others who visit your stores what our experience was last year as we travelled to St.John Newfoundland & back to British Columbia, in an RV.

Of the several acts of kindness we received, two really stand out.

The first time was in a Nova Scotia campground, where we heard a knock on our door about 30 minutes after parking in an ocean view campsite. The lady said she noticed from our B.C. license plate that we had come a long way & hoped we were having a good trip.  She then asked if we liked seafood, Snow Crab specifically. We said yes & she then lifted up a bag full of freshly caught crab that her husband had just caught with his buddy, they live locally.  Needless to say we were truly surprised & very appreciative of this unexpected act of friendship & generosity, & we talked for quite a while, learning even more about some neat places to see & things to do in the area.   Her gift of her attitude & willingness to share with complete strangers, fellow Canadians, felt wonderful & we have re-visited this experience many times with warm thoughts.

The second above & beyond experience was when I was trying to find a service garage large enough to do some service work on my Motor Home in St. John Newfoundland.  After several attempts to find someone to do the needed work, I was fortunate to ask for help from a small garage.  The manager said he had been out to B.C. a long time ago & had had a great trip, including being helped out by a stranger.  He said he would do the work right there in his small parking lot, out in the rain, on a rolling dolly lying on his back.  When I asked “How much will this cost?” he said – “The same as you see posted on the wall & that I charge all my local customers”.  Wow, that was completely unexpected & very appreciated.  The peace of mind, the act of support & friendliness, again from a fellow Canadian.  We talked while he worked, & he did excellent work.  I learned he is a single dad, who is trying hard to “be there & role model dealing with unexpected change, in positive ways” for his 2 teenage kids.  Needless to say I gave him a big “tip”, as a thank you, & expressed my gratitude for what he was willing to do for me.

Natalie, as you can see, we were on the receiving end of several “Acts of Kindness” from some very thoughtful & caring people.  Their effort to be of service was genuine & truly made a big difference to us. 

I would encourage you to mention that the people, who travel the TransCanada Hwy & are experiencing Kamloops for the first time, will sing the praises of the local community who make an effort to make their stay, safe & enjoyable.  Acts of Kindness work to bring us closer together in wonderful ways, whether we are local, Canadian or a visitor from another country.

We wish you & your business & staff & the people of Kamloops well; you Are Making A Positive Difference, way to go & continued success.


Paying it Forward.


Kindness in the parking lot:

Hi Natalie,

Just wanted to start off saying “what a GREAT JOB”. I was in your Summit store on Saturday and WOW what a great show of support from the community for the first day of “act of kindness”. 

I found it amazing that people were opening doors for other people and letting traffic thru in that busy parking lot outside the Summit store,(haha most of them with a smoothie in their hand).

I saw a lot of acts of kindness just leaving the Booster Juice store after I signed the 22 days of kindness pledge!!!

I feel that I do acts of kindness every time I am out in the community however this challenge will open my eyes to make sure that I am doing it on a daily basis!  So proud of this great idea from a local Kamloops girl!!!

Thanks for making our city proud,


Leading by Example as a Mom:

Hi Natalie,

I was coming out of the bank and there was a homeless man sitting just outside the main door, he looked at me and asked for some change; I offered to buy him a sandwich from the restaurant across the road and he said sure, but said he didn’t want to bother me and could I give him the money and he would go get the sandwich himself. I felt that he was only interested in obtaining the cash to fuel his addiction so I said it wasn’t a bother and I went and got him a sandwich. I returned with the sandwich and handed it to him, he said thank you, I said goodbye and walk back to my car at which time I turned and notice he was not eating the sandwich but putting it away in his backpack. Now I was a little discouraged and wondered how many other sandwiches were purchased for him that day.
I got back in my car and started my drive across town at which time I realized I would approach the challenge from a different perspective, the rest of the day I would focus on being courteous and considerate to other drivers and people in general. For the rest of the day I held doors open, smiled at everyone in my path, offered a helping hand, and really made changes in my driving habits and behaviors for the better. I also realized that as I changed the way I drove and behaved that day I felt better about myself and arrived home in a very good mood.
Another thing really hit home for me that evening; I have been teaching my daughter to drive and she has witnessed on occasion my not so nice behaviors and attitude while behind the wheel so I went to her and apologized for my behavior and told her about my day.

This reminds me that for as far back as I can remember I have always told my children to live by What you put out you get back! Feels good to be back!

Have a great day,

Katheleen M.

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  1. jaragon
    September 28, 2010 | 9:56 am

    Very inspiring Natalie, can’t wait to read more stories like these and add my own to the mix! Thank you for what you do!

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