Welcome Message and 22 Day Act of Kindness Challenge!

At the beginning of the summer we decided to use my Booster Juice stores in Kamloops for an even greater good than healthy fast food.  We initiated Act of Kindness shifts on our work schedules at all three stores.  The idea for this shift stemmed from our constant search for a way to go above and beyond for our customers and find new and creative ways to make someone’s day. In addition to a fully staffed team, we added an extra crew member whose sole responsibility is to perform Acts of Kindness for our customers, neighboring businesses, passers-by, or the general public for their entire shift.

We’ve run the program all summer long at all three Kamloops Booster Juice locations: Summit Shopping Centre, Lansdowne Village, and Aberdeen Mall and the results have been phenomenal.  The crew have been rotated through so that everyone has a chance to give back and express their unique ideas.  We’ve asked that at the end of each shift they write about their contribution-specifically what they did, how they were received, and how they felt about their shift and the acts of kindness that they completed that day.

Their beautiful deeds, such as washing neighboring businesses windows, handing out flowers to strangers, and sending out kind or inspiring messages, began to spread through the community and the positive change was so noticeable we decided to challenge people to pay it forward.  The key is if you are on the receiving end of an intentional Act of Kindness, than don’t let it stop there, pay it forward to the next person and challenge them to do the same. This is so that the true ripple effects of our Act of Kindness have an even greater reach.

Now I am extending the challenge to You, in the form of a 22 Day Act of Kindness Commitment.  That’s one act of kindness a day for 22 days.  Why 22 days?  Research shows that it takes us 21 days to form (or break) a habit.  And so, 21 days to create the kindness habit, and one day of “follow through” to truly adopt this as the way you operate and one of your core values.  The world becomes a brighter and more beautiful place every day that You exist in it.

Saturday, September 25th is our “Customer Appreciation Day”, and our 4 year anniversary!  In celebration, we are offering 2 for 1 Smoothies at all Kamloops Booster Juice locations from 11 am to 6pm!

And what a perfect opportunity to kick-off our 22 day challenge!!!  We would love your support today, so please come in to the stores, get your 2 for 1 smoothies, and sign up for the Act of Kindness Challenge by signing your name to a hand print. We will post the hand cut-outs in our stores to celebrate all the hands in our community committed to looking for an opportunity each day to go above and beyond!

I’d love to hear how it’s going as you navigate your way through the 22 days.  Stories, ideas, and your experience or insights in general can help others so we can truly grow the reach and ripple effect.

Acts of Kindness

Here are some ideas to help get you started with your 22 days of kindness:

collect goods for the food bank * bring flowers to work * treat someone to fresh fruit * give someone the parking spot you were going to take * hold the door for a stranger * let the person in line behind you, go ahead of you * share a recipe * cook a meal for a friend * sweep a neighbors sidewalk or shovel their driveway * pick up litter * volunteer at your children’s school * smile at a stranger * donate to a charity * leave a note of inspiration in your child or spouse’s lunch bag * buy a strangers lunch * take time to listen to a friend * compliment a co-worker on a job well done*

Share your stories and ideas and read what others are doing to Pay It Forward and make the City of Kamloops an amazing place to live!

I’m wishing you well on this journey. Good Luck, and please let me know how you’re doing with this challenge.

With love and gratitude,
Natalie. xo

PS… Are you ready for the challenge?  Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it – or email me, I’d love to hear your stories!

3 Responses to Welcome Message and 22 Day Act of Kindness Challenge!
  1. Alice Doughty
    September 25, 2010 | 5:23 pm

    It is so funny that on your list of suggestions it actually says “share a recipe”. Today I copied 3 recipes for Taylor’s mom (my future mom in law) and mailed them to her in a note :o )

    I also took my dog for a bike ride in her doggie back pack. She loved it!!!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share…

    • admin
      September 26, 2010 | 12:32 pm

      Thank you, Alice so much for your contribution (and being the first comment on the site!)

      I love that one of your acts was in contribution to your puppy. Pets can bring so much love, loyalty, companionship, and affection into our lives. Being intentional with our appreciation for their involvement in our lives is a beautiful idea.

      Good luck on day two of your pledge ;)


  2. Yanni
    September 26, 2010 | 5:27 pm

    An amazing initiative.

    Kudos to everyone that takes it upon him or herself, submitting to the challenge and performing an act of kindness, or two, or three-hundred.

    The feeling of self-worth and accomplishment is most definitely reward enough, especially when recognised by a simple “thank you.”

    As mentioned, let this become a habit, and one we have a difficult time breaking.

    …oh, and I’m chalking up this note of support as one such act. :)

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